Maldura is an ancient nation populated and governed by four major tribes. A spiritual and worldly people, the ancient tribes of Maldura lived peacefully with one another, with few exceptions, and allied themselves in defense from a common enemy in the orcs, giants, and minotaurs of the savage north and east. The first drastic change to the Malduran way of life came with its occupation by the Draknishi Empire. The Draknishi council saw the Malduran region as an area of raw resources that would be easy to seize from the hands of the current disadvantaged populace. However, the Pact Wars saw the fall of most the Draknishi Empire and, following the lead of the other nations such as Tourdalain an Voldoso, the Maldurans fought for and received their independence.


Location Number

Location Name

Ruler or Overseer

Primary Function

1 Marakal The Circle of Tribes Center of religion, government, and diplomatic affairs
2 Delmire The Trinya Tribe Residential, mining, logging
3 Ibitrias The Sibaras Tribe Residential, mining, logging
4 Atlica The Estene Tribe Food production, residential, mining
5 Zeelovur The Zakstov Tribe Defense, food production, residential
6 Port Indovis Governor Stellendor Commerce, food production, residential


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