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In the world of Mezadeer the edges of the known world are being filled in and the eyes of every kingdom and empire extend to the furthest, unknown shores. With the widespread creation of the modern airship, the reliance on dangerous oversea travel is coming to an end. New lands and new resources are flooding into the growing kingdoms of Mezadeer, bringing the world into a golden age of discovery and exploration.

Despite the wealth to gained, the age of exploration is not without it’s dangers. Enemies from within and without the known world are rising up at every turn to plague one another in battle and intrigue. Longtime rivals war with one another in conflicts fueled by greed while fiends and savages lurk on the borders of the map picking off the unwary explorers and settlers who are blind to the peril.

Still, despite the darkness at the edges of the map and at home, a coalition of powerful nations has enacted the Wayfarer Campaign; a team of elite men and women, paragons of their own nations, who are charged with the mission of protecting the known world at all cost.

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