King Primus Regatus

The aging King Primus Regatus, third king of the Regatus line, is a paragon of virtue and knightly chivalry. Like his father and grandfather before him, King Primus is a man of action while still holding the safety of his people as his primary concern. While hardly a war monger, King Primus is stalwart in the defense of his people and he takes the threats of other nations very seriously.

Outside of war the king is a proponent of foreign trade, peaceful expansion, and building alliances with other races such as the minotaurs and the sylvan league. The kings only international grievance is with Draknishi as The Indus Fleet Massacre and the following war were the most trying and monumental events of his long rule.

International disputes aside, the kings only domestic challenge is the demands and actions of his own appointed advisory council. The Throne of Command is in constant debate over war proclamations, trade embargoes, immigration disputes, military spending, tax reformation, expansion, and arcanotech research that very little gets done. The king, despite his obvious disdain for such wasteful inaction, understands the vested importance of his elected advisers and realizes that their removal and replacement during such trying times would cause more ill than good.

Still, the king has found a breath of fresh air in his newly appointed, young military adviser, Servius Gracchus. Gracchus, coming from the view point that the king wishes to serve, has become a close friend and confidant of Primus much to the disdain of the rest of the council.

King Primus Regatus

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