Tiberius Gracchus


UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +6, Arcana +5, Dungeoneering +7, Endurance +6, Heal +7, History +5, Intimidate +11, Nature +7, Perception +7, Religion +5, Stealth +6, Thievery +6

FEATS Human: Weapon Expertise (Polearm) Level 1: Weapon Focus (Polearm) Level 2: Mantle of Readiness Level 4: Melee Training (Charisma) Level 6: Toughness Level 8: Polearm Flanker Level 10: Heartening Surge Level 11: Repel Charge

POWERS Ardent at-will 1: Demoralizing Strike Ardent at-will 1: Energizing Strike Bonus At-Will Power: Psionic Shield Ardent daily 1: Mental Turmoil Ardent utility 2: Mind over Matter Ardent at-will 3: Impatient Strike Ardent daily 5: Empowered Arsenal Ardent utility 6: Mend Wounds Ardent at-will 7: Forward-Thinking Cut (replaces Impatient Strike) Ardent daily 9: Feast of Despair Ardent utility 10: Tower of Iron Will

ITEMS Jagged Halberd +3, Magic Chainmail +3, Shielding Girdle (heroic tier), Iron Armbands of Power (heroic tier), Amulet of Physical Resolve +2 ====== Copy to Clipboard and Press the Import Button on the Summary Tab ======


I was born Servius Gracchus in Dalturan in the south of Tourdalain. My father was a modestly successful merchant. I lived a normal care free childhood until around the age of 10. Me and my family were leaving the city along with a few hired hands so my father could obtain more trade goods (he often took us with him on his business trips). But this would not be an ordinary trip, half way to our destination we were attacked by bandits. I was the only one to survive. I eventually made my way back to the city, but without someone to make the payments on our home the bank seized it. I spent the next fews years living on the streets just scrapping by on what i could find or steal. When I was about the age of 13, i cant be sure of the age because i lost count, I was taken under the care of the local church of Bahammut. I had unsuccessfully tried to rob the head priest, but seeing the condition i was in and hearing what had happened he decided to allow me to live in the church, in exchange i was to be the janitor of sorts making sure everything was cleaned. The head priest would always take me on his strolls through the poor sections of the city, he had dedicated his life to helping the poor. i was now committed to trying to end the suffering of the less fortunate and oppressed. My time at the church had changed my life i had use of the churches extensive library and used it to educate myself. They had books on everything from fine arts to history to military strategy i read them all i had developed a love for books. After some time I felt i had been at the church long enough and decided to set out on the next phase of my life, I was going to sign up to serve my military tour. Toward the end of my stay at the church i began suffering from headaches, the priests tried to help but couldnt. Despite the headaches I still joined the military as a common foot solider. Using some skills i had obtained as a child on the streets i was able to survive basic training. In the time after training I managed to impress my superiors and was eventually promoted to corporal. The first few years of my service time were somewhat uneventful with only a few scattered border skirmishes. I had gotten quite comfortable with army life and had managed to live with the constant headaches i even contemplated signing up for another tour of duty. My battle group was stationed in the small town of Amar along the border with Maldura. Tensions had been rising between Tourdalain and the mountain kingdom of Maldura over trade routes and trade tariffs, so the king’s son had come to inspect the condition of the troops and ensure the commanders were prepared. Some how there was an intelligence break down, a sizeable Maldurian force had managed to encircle the garrison while the troops were being presented to the prince. Before we could react the enemy was upon us, it was complete chaos most of the commanding officers were killed in the opening moments of the fight. The fighting devolved into everyman for himself, I witnessed men i had known since basic training get struck down. Some of the men had been able to organize a defensive perimeter around the prince, but it was only a matter of time until they were overwhelmed. Before i could have even reacted a massive headache knocked me to the ground, i had never experienced a more unbearable pain in my life and hopefully never will again. I blacked out and when i awoke i felt a strange power over come me the headache had subsided. Never before had i felt such a way, i felt capable of doing anything. I quickly picked up my sword and shield and joined the fray. My first target wielded a large axe, as he swung his weapon i raised my shield and braced for impact but it never happened. The man had stopped mid swing, rather then wait to find out what happened i hacked with my sword. I some how sensed my thoughts may have played a role in that strange occurance so i decided to try to use my thoughts to see if i could prevent my enemies from landing any blows. Despite myself remaining somewhat stationary my foes continued to hack and miss. I was overwhelmed with joy at this discovery. I continued to cut my way to the dwindling group of men protecting the prince. Along the way foes seemed to fall back out of my path i could sense the fear in them and focused my thoughts on expanding those fears, more and more men fled. When i made it to the prince i could also sense his body guards’ morale boost. We continued to fight and i continued to explore these new found powers driving off numerous foes with even lifting my sword. The prince as well as my fellow soldiers took notice and were in awe of what i was doing. We held off the Maldurians for what felt like an eternity until they fell back, they had sustained more casualties then they had expected and had lost the element of surprise. My garrison had lost 70% of our fighting force, but had won the day. Word of the heroic defense of the prince spread far and wide, the prince was so enthralled by my new powers and what i had done for him that i was promoted to colonel and placed in charge of what remained of my battle group. Now there was all out war with the kingdom of Maldura, they had tried to kill the prince and the King was not about to allow this to go unpunished. After replenishing my battle group we were then sent on the offensive. Word of how we had thwarted the surprise attack of a Maldurian force that outnumbered us 3 to 1 had spread all throughout Maldura. Fear of us had also spread throughout the Maldura Army and the king wanted to use this fear. Every engagement we were involved in either ended with the enemy retreating or surrendering. After all the tribes were subdued, a cousin of the king was installed to rule Maldura. The war had lasted two years and my renown had grown so much that the king requested an audience with with me. It was quite an event, i had never been in a royal court before the luxuries were incredible. The king enjoyed my company very much and as a reward for my service during the war i was placed in charge of a legion and signed up for another tour of duty. I kept up correspondence with the king while my legion was stationed in Maldura to ensure stability for the new ruler. I spent my time there harnessing my skills and putting down any up risings. At the end of my tour i was summoned by the king. He requested that i become one of his military advisors. Me and the king became quite close and he often asked for my advice on matters outside of the military. However, over the course of my time as an advisor i made a few enemies amongst the aristocrats and certain members of the royal court. They didnt trust having someone with psionic powers so close to the king especially one who advocated for the poor as i did. Eventually the complaints became too much to deal with so the king decided to nominate me as a spectre. It was for the best, as much as i loved the king i felt uncomfortable living in such a lavish place.

1. Describe yourself in ten words or fewer. im just gona post this rather then fill out the rest of the questions 2. What do you think is your greatest strength?

3. What do you think is your greatest weakness? I could always improve something, nobodys perfect

4. What makes you angry or what kinds of events force you into action abusing or oppressing a weaker/poorer person/persons. the defense of my lord and my kingdom.

5. What is your most distinguishing feature? I have a large bushy black beard

6. What would make the founders of this team choose you? (If you would be chosen) i have incredible psionic powers as well as military experience.

7. Which family members or friends do you hold most dear? My parents died while i was fairly young but i can still remember them. other then the assortment of friends i made while serving my military tour i am closes with the king.

8. What people, groups, or objects hold your greatest loyalty? My lord, my deceased parents, my troops and the poor

Mardak- A former Minotaur friend of mine while i was living on the streets of Dalturan. After joining the military i lost contact with him.

Gaius Naso- A friend who has served with me during my stay in the military, i would kill/die for him. After my promotions i brought him as a top lieutenant. upon my appoint at the kings court my legion was left in his capable hands. i still maintain correspondence with him and visit whenever i am able.

Jacoby Vanderslit- Head priest of the church of Bahammut where i lived for a period of time. He is a knowledgable man who helped turn my life around.

Garrus Murena- A skilled artisan who i befriended while in the kings court. a bit of an oddball though….

9. Do you envision yourself ever retiring? Why? retiring is a long ways away i dont give it much thought at all.

10. What place do you wish to visit? No place in particular interest me although i wouldnt mind seeing the new continent.

11. Consider your skills. How did you acquire them? During a border conflict in southern Tourdalain i became overwhelmed with psionic powers. I was able to use these powers to turn the tide of a key battle. Prior to this i could sense a change coming over me but i had tried to ignore it.

12. What do you to do when not adventuring, training, or serving active duty? Always find ways to better myself or others, try my best to help people. playing sports or games that test my mind.

13. What magic items do you crave? (specific or general) anything that will help me better control my psionic powers.

14. Where do you enjoy hanging out? i love the outdoors.

15. How do you want people to remember you after death? As a selfless honest person, but im not concerned about being remembered.

16. Briefly describe at least one event from your life that you would be famous for (A great battle, a new discovery, or any action of momentous importance).

Tiberius Gracchus

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